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In 2013, the state-owned enterprises capital expenditure is increased by around IDR 240 billion from the previous year, which reached IDR 217.383 trillion. Minister of State-Owned Enterprises, Dahlan Iskan some time ago expressed, the increasing of capital expenditures also bring the effect of the rising need of investment fund, especially for State- Owned Enterprises which have trading floor in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

“With the increasing contribution of State- Owned Enterprises, is expected to support the activities of national economy. Moreover, to support the 2013 State Budget,” said Dahlan. Last year, the contribution of State-Owned Enterprises in the form of dividend income reached IDR 30,78 trilion. The biggest dividend mainly contributed by PT Pertamina, which is IDR 7,26 trillion and PT PLN with the amount of IDR 3,5 trillion.

In 2013, the dividend that must be paid to the government rise to IDR 31 trillion. For 2014, Dahlan proposed a dividend of IDR 32 trillion. Besides dividend, the state- owned enterprises tax payments also rise eight percent this year become IDR 135 trillion. Compare to last year of IDR 125 trillion. In 2014, the proposed tax payment is IDR 145 trillion.

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The estimated investment in electricty sector in 2013 will be of USD 9.6 billion or IDR 92.6 trillion. Therefore, PLN has provided fund of IDR 60 trillion, the remainder amount will be covered by several private companies that have already signed contracts with PLN.

The minister of State-Owned Enterprises estimates that the investment fund needed to support the increased production of sugar during the year 2013- 2014 is IDR 2.7 trillion. Those investment fund will be used to invest in the field of on farm and off farm.

The investment of State-Owned Enterprises required in Port sector is valued at IDR 49 trillion by 2017. While the fund of investments that are ready disbursed this year is only IDR 14.6 trillion. The high investment fund needed by State-Owned Enterprises in Port sector is caused by the needs of modernization and updating the system in order to improve productivity and port capacity. At a result, it will support the target achievement of national economic growth.

Indonesian opportunities to encourage the inflow of foreign investment into Indonesia is still quite large, because Indonesia’s economic growth is the highest in ASEAN. In addition, this year Indonesia is still considered to have sufficient capital to attract investment, due to the political stability, security and economy, size of the market, and the amount of natural resources that could be used for innovation.